At OcalaBetS, we’re committed to making life more exhilarating with a wager in play, while ensuring it remains that way. This is the essence of safer gambling. It’s crucial to bet only within your means and to set practical limits. From your first interaction with your account to the moment you receive your winnings, our paramount concern is your safe and responsible play.

We equip our players with resources to establish budgets, limits, and cooling-off periods, and offer the option for self-exclusion. Stay knowledgeable and understand the games you partake in. If you ever feel the need for assistance, we strongly urge you to reach out to local responsible gaming organizations.


Create a feasible gambling budget within your financial capacity. Never exceed your financial boundaries.

Limit your gambling time and adhere to it.

Avoid large bets hoping for significant wins.

Never attempt to recover losses through further gambling.

Gambling shouldn’t be seen as a solution for financial advancement or a shortcut to financial success.

Refrain from gambling if recovering from any addiction or under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

If your gambling feels unmanageable, seek support. Assistance is available in most states through the National Council on Problem Gambling.


OcalaBetS will provide information to encourage responsible gaming, offering help and resources including a national toll-free helpline. This information will be visible on our websites, apps, retail sportsbooks, and in our offices. OcalaBetS will regularly update our responsible gaming information with new resources and adhere to industry-standard best practices.


OcalaBetS will actively work to prevent underage gambling. We will communicate the legal gambling age across all our platforms and in our promotions. Employees in relevant areas will be trained to address underage users and gambling.


OcalaBetS will adhere to state and federal advertising standards. We will avoid unfair or deceptive claims and be transparent about the odds of winning or losing in our games. A responsible gaming message and/or helpline number will be included on all platforms. We will not feature individuals who appear underage or suggest underage engagement in our products and will follow industry-standard best practices.


OcalaBetS is dedicated to providing customers with responsible gambling tools. We will offer information on how to gamble responsibly, establish limits, cool-off periods, and self-exclusion. OcalaBetS supports research on gambling and advocates for services assisting problem gamblers and their families.


OcalaBetS mandates responsible gaming training for all new employees. We will inform employees about responsible gaming practices and available assistance. Annual refresher training will be provided, focusing on distinguishing responsible gaming from problematic gambling. OcalaBetS will keep employees informed about responsible gaming through communication programs and update training with new research. Responsible gaming awareness information, including a helpline number, will be displayed in company offices.